8 Jobs Women Do Better Than Men

- Amruta Lakhe on January 14, 2016

You know how they say, if you want something done ask a man. But if you want something done right, ask a woman. So without being biased towards the male species, let’s be honest. There are some jobs that women simply do better. In most of them, multitasking is involved because it is a proven fact that women can multitask better than me. So we thought we’d draw up a list of some professional jobs that women can just handle better than men.

A supervisor/manager: Women are usually able to manage things, people better. Whether it pushing your employees towards performing better or keeping a hold on ten things at once, woman are just able to manage. Also, contrary to popular belief, women can display a staggering sense of objectivity when it comes to making tough decisions.

Surgeon: Research shows that women have the patience and skill set to make great surgeons. Their mental perseverance and endurance makes them capable of having great stability during long hours of surgery. Women make great doctors too, and are known to have an irreplaceable sense of women’s instinct when it comes to medical decisions.

Politician: In my humble opinion, women can make more sincere politicians and world leaders. While there are plenty of male politicians charged for bribery or corruption, the record of women politicians is relatively cleaner. Also, let’s not forget that Angela Merkel is one of the most powerful people in the world today, and a strong politician too.

Public Relations/ Communications officer: Women are friendlier and more open to conversation than men. So when it comes to being the face of an event or a campaign, women are generally hired and excel at their job. We not only make friends faster, but have a greater chance of maintaining relationships with friends or colleagues than a male counterpart.

Journalists: Coming from personal experience, here’s a job that we definitely do better than men. In interviews, men can come across as more hostile than women. Also, in case of a delicate situation or question a woman tends to come across as less hostile.

Food and beverage industry: Women have a knack around food. How to cook it, how to serve it and how to manage a bunch of really hungry people. Not saying that men are cannot be good chefs. But if you want to see a restaurant running smoothly, ask a woman.

Therapist: Blessed with slightly more patience and empathising power, women can be great listeners. When you need to vent or want to talk to someone who won’t hurry you up, go talk to a woman. Many of the famous therapists, self help gurus are women who know when and how to listen.

Investors: It is said that while men will take heavy risks while investing money, women play it safe and know exactly when to pull out of a crashing market. There’s also always a safety net so a women putting all her eggs in one basket and going bankrupt is a lesser possibility.

Feeling empowered yet? Don’t let any man or woman tell you that you’re not up to the job. Whether it’s managing, coding, or repairing a dryer, our patience, multi tasking ability and inherent instincts make us better professionals.

Amruta Lakhe
Amruta Lakhe

I studied mechanical engineering before I discovered my love for writing. It lead me to work as a journalist in Mumbai for two years. I love to read, comb through Twitter and am recently learning about the issues on gender equality. You can follow me on twitter @amrutalakhe where I (try to) say funny and profound things.

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